at Shelby


Directed by
Sheffield Leithart
Executive Producer
Jeremy Spencer


  • Christian Chastain
  • Alex Struble
  • Carey Chastain
  • Matt Tucker
  • Charlotte Chastain
  • Corey Chastain
  • Rich Lort
  • Ian Gallagher
  • Benjamin Coker


What is Operation Blacksheep?

Blacksheep MilSim is one of the most realistic, state-of-the-art military simulation experiences on the planet. The most complete explanation can be found on the Blacksheep MilSim website.

Operation Blacksheep at Shelby is a documentary that follows the Wolverines from Maryland to Mississippi as they participate in this MilSim experience.

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Who are the Wolverines?

From their Facebook page: "The Wolverines is an airsoft team that was assembled for Operation Pine Plains 4 in 2009 and spans multiple states. We hold ourselves to a higher standard, and constantly seek to improve our proficiency and the game of airsoft in general."

When is the next Shelby Event?

The next Operation Blacksheep Event at Camp Shelby is on January 23, 2015. Registration closes on January 21, 2015. Find out more or register here.

How can I stay updated?

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